Spiritual Retreat

This website was created and is maintained by guests of Sete Estrelas who were touched by their experience there. These people have inspired us to spread their message and hope that others can experience the magic that we felt by living with them.

Though not for everyone, this place is for an adventurous and curious traveler who is interested in learning more about the unique spirituality of the Amazon forest and the one-of-a-kind life of its people.

Here, you will live among some of the most resilient people in the world, who have survived the threats of deforestation,militant missionaries and foreign exploitation. They have rebuilt their culture and you will be one of the few people who has ever experienced it (to date, they have had less than 5 guests per year).

You will engage in a number of activities that will enrich your life and that will carry with you for years to come, including (each activity is optional based on your goals):

  • Living among the community in a sacred garden of medicinal plants that are native to the Amazon jungle. These are kind, hard-working and hospitable people who live off the land and have few resources to aid their lives.
  • Learning from the village elder Luis about each of the medicinal plants, their properties and how he has slowly built a garden of them over his 70 year lifetime. Luis himself is a character -he has over 50 children, and has survived through multiple phases of colonization by outside invaders. Fortunately now, Sete Estrelas is a free, independent society, supported by the Brazilian government.
  • Going on a hunting and fishing expedition with the villagers. Imagine trouncing through deep, untouched forest led by villagers who travel like cats in search of food – the only meat they will eat is hunted in the forest. They will take you on such a trip and show you the incredible strategies they use to listen for, track and (if you are lucky) kill their prey.
  • Boat trips through the Rio Gregorio, a tributary to the Amazon river and a stunning experience in and of itself – teeming with beautiful and unique birds, and dotted with small indigenous villages (there are nine total Yawanawa villages along the river).
  • Healing rituals and plant medicine treatment. Name your ailment and Luis will show you his homegrown solution. We have not tested and will not be held liable for the success or failure of these treatments, but we can tell you that it will be a fascinating and fun experience regardless.
  • Ayahuasca ritual. Led by Village Chief Edy, you will participate in an Ayahuasca ritual with a tribe that has been practicing this for generations.
  • A number of extremely unique rituals, including hot water leaf baths (a special ritual for those who want to feel the spirits for the forest), rape (a special tobacco which is snorted and used for concentration during hunting and spiritual rituals) and sapo kambo (a cleansing in which frog venom is put on your skin in order to cleanse your body of impurities).
  • Listening to their stories and beliefs which construct the importance of the forest and the plant medicine in their daily life as well as seeing their sacred grounds and rituals. 
  • Painted with traditional tribal war paint.
  • Observing the skinning, de-boning and cooking techniques for the freshly hunted animals.

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