Sete Estrelas is an indigenous village in the Amazon jungle, where guests can experience the life of the Yawanawa people.

There are few places on earth that are comparable, as it is an untouched human village of a civilization that dates back hundreds of years. It is a humble village, built with wood from the forest with straw and mud roofing – deep in the Amazonian jungle of Acre, Brazil.

Here you will experience life with one of the most unique people on the planet – people who live cut off from modern civilization and who have deep connection with the forest and its offerings.

The village is a community of around 75 settlers who have committed themselves to living in the jungle to maintain the traditions of the Yawanawa people. It is approximately 8 hours from Cruzeiro do Sul airport or 10 hours from Rio Branco airport in the state of Acre, Brazil.